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The green solution provides excellent ride quality, while reducing up to 60% energy consumption.

Thanks to the energy reduction features Atlas reaches A-class
for low energy consumption according to VDI 4707-1. Moreover, Led Lighting assures less energy consumption and it lasts 20 times longer comparing to standard lighting.

KLEEMANN offers a wide range of products that goes beyond your expectations for mobility. Breakthrough design and unique customized solutions lift your experience and upgrade the interior and exterior of your most precious space.

KLEEMANN Custom MOD solutions are flexible and tailor-made to your needs. Our engineers are experts in providing you the most suitable, customized solution to improve the safety, efficiency and  aesthetics of your lift free of charge and delays.

For the people in KLEEMANN each project is a chance to go beyond conventional engineering and design!
KLEEMANN customers are unique and so are their projects!

“It’s not only the new curved shape and design. Above all, it is a totally different new feeling…”

Andreas Zapatinas

All types of Passenger and Freight lifts

  • Escalators and Moving Walks
  • Parking systems
  • Green Lifts
  • Accessibility Solutions
  • Marine Solutions
  • Modernisation Solutions