KPS Parking Systems

KLEEMANN’S PARKING SYSTEM KPS provides parking space for two vehicles (single platform) or four vehicles (double platform) one on the top of the other. It is a non-automatic parking system where the equipment can be manually controlled. The control device is of the hold-to-run type and is clearly and indelibly marked with the parking unit to which it belongs. The whole system is operated with a dead man’s control safety mechanism activated by a master key. Parking spaces of this system are accessed horizontally. In order to facilitate accurate parking of the vehicle, both the upper and the lower parking space is provided with one wheel stop on the right. For garages with doors at the front of the parking system special dimensional requirements have to be taken into consideration. 

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Product Research and Development

KLEEMANN, staying loyal to its commitment for constant growth and innovation, has been vastly investing on the Research & Development…..