Outstanding ride quality KLEEMANN Escalators and Moving Walks are designed to ensure both high quality construction and exceptional ride comfort. Low noise levels and minimal vibrations provide a smooth and comfortable passenger experience that will meet even the strictest requirements.

Ease of installation

Designed for ease of installation and use, providing spatial efficiency and reliability.


Regeneration systems provide excellent ride quality while reducing energy usage by up to 60%. Many escalator parts are also recycled (steps, brush profile, glass panel clamps, etc).


Solid products guarantee maximum safety and ensure a sense of passenger security.


Unique tailor-made design options are offered according to your specific needs, providing a product that perfectly fits your space and requirements.


The remote monitoring system allows for management of escalators and moving walks installed in one or several buildings from a remote control room.

Varied features make the system a versatile tool for building management. Features include real-time fault and operational status monitoring, intelligent fault-reading functions, simultaneous monitoring of multiple escalators and moving walks, providing reports and analysis of performance.

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