Product Research and Development

KLEEMANN, staying loyal to its commitment for constant growth and innovation, has been vastly investing on the Research & Development. The R & D department mainly focuses on searching for new technologies and market trends in order to improve the current products and services also designing new and always reliable and innovative assets.

In order to ensure the KLEEMANN quality for all manufactured products, the company employs state-of-the-art machines, a variety of skilled mechanical engineers and technicians and the most stringent safety standards as well.

It is an active department staffed with engineers of high-level scientific background, bearing reliable and contemporary technological products, but at the same time constantly improving all of the company’s products. Our engineers are guided by the market trends and requirements, without forgetting to constantly search for new technologies and their applications on lifts.

Following the most effective process new product development (full product study and design – prototype production – quality control and prototype testing – zero production – final quality control and testing – regular production), the R&D department has achieved the flexible design and constant evolution of the parts that are included in a lift. 

Each new product is tested in real conditions, enabling our engineers to substantiate and perfect it, prior to its accession to full production.

By continuing its course of constant growth, KLEEMANN has invested  to the construction of an 61 testing tower, which covers a total vertical distance of 52m.m 

 KLEEMANN has dealt with many projects relevant to renewable sources of energy, high-speed and high-rise lifts.

KLEEMANN Testing Tower 61m