Atlas Premium

Atlas Premium is the traction MRL solution for rated load up to 1000 kg adjusted to your needs. It guarantees outsanding performance, exceptional ride quality, very low energy consumption and the opportunity to choose from a wide range of materials.

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Atlas Gigas

Atlas Gigas is the traction solution for rated loads from 1050Kg to 2500Kg adjusted to your needs. It is equipped with KLEEMANN premium quality gear less motor and inverter of leading edge technology which enable exceptional ride quality, isolation of noises and very low energy consumption.

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Atlas Super Gigas

Atlas Super Gigas consists of ideal solution for heavy loads covering a range from 2500 Kg to 5000kg. It is equipped with KLEEMANN premium quality gearless motor and inverter which guarantee outsanding performance, excellent ride, quality and low energy consumption

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The new High Speed / Rise Lift with max speed up to 4m/sec, HRS KLEEMANN Lift is is fitted with several energy saving features such as the use of LEDs for the car lighting as also the standby mode function fitted in the lift controller.

As all KLEEMANN lifts, HRS appears an impressive ride behavior. Series of ride quality measurements according to ISO 18738 carried out in our test towers allowed a progressive improvement of the ride comfort. Noise level as also car vibrations values have been minimized, so that the passenger to have a really ‘smooth’ experience during travel.

Innovative services

  • ECO design ISO 14006:2011
  • Destination Control LTP Call Management System
  • Remote Lift Monitoring
  • Advanced methods used for energy consumption reduction


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Atlas L

Atlas L is the traction MRL solution for rated loads up to 1000 kg. It is especially designed to support up to three cabin doors installation. having all the technical specifications needed, it is ideal whenever a cantilever car frame is required.

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Product Research and Development

KLEEMANN, staying loyal to its commitment for constant growth and innovation, has been vastly investing on the Research & Development…..